Mittwoch, 17. August 2016


My dear friends from Mondkunst got a tag in their blog and decided to throw it to me. As I like them, and because they also gave me some cake, I picked it up. I do not really know who to tag... maybe Fern would like to take a go?

1. Which RPG product had the biggest impact on you personally?

Concerning Pen&Paper this has probably been RuneQuest, mainly because it was so wonderfully different from Das Schwarze Auge, which had bugged me for quite a while without me quite realizing it. The rules were a revelation. We also played it without a real campaign with our own self-made background, which was shamelessly stealing from every classical myth in the whole of europe. You just had to love it!
But: except for that thing about stealing myths, all these reasons apply to Shadowrun as well. Maybe it’s even more important, as it was my first time out of the realm of the classic fantasy.

2. What was your first RPG character, and would you play it like that today? Why?

My first real character was a human warrior named Thorin, and it should be really obvious now why I would never play him again like that. 

3. What do you miss in RPG that has been different and much better 20 years ago (or in the first years, when you had just begun)?

That I had just so much time for that. Everything else has gotten better and better, including my ability to just stay away from stuff that isn’t fun for me. 

4. Which set of rules would you like to play, but didn’t get to it yet?

Stars Without Numbers. I steal a lot of things from it for my own games, but I would really like to try the original. Oh, and Belly Of The Beast! Awesome concept. 

5. How would you describe your own playstyle / style of game mastering? Are you a friend of power gaming or of atmospheric play? 

I oscillate between cinematic epicness of platitudes and simulationistic overruling. When you hit dead center between those, the results can be pretty awesome (I think). 

6. What kind of character would you never play? 

Once upon a time, I would have answered „Dwarves!“ right away. But then there was this hunter in WoW RP… I couldn’t say right now. Somehow, everything is a challenge. 

7. Are you lucky or unlucky in your rolls? What do you do to dice that always roll bad?

I’m not superstitious enough to believe in lasting tendencies in rolls. I do have favourite dice, but this is less about results and more about clear reading and personal preference. 

8. What is your favourite die, and why? 

It’s a ruby colored D20, that looks awesome when I shine a laser pointer into it, and I have three fluorescent D6 that I use for important rolls. 

9. In which movie/book/computer game universe would you like to spend a few months of vacation (if your survival is guaranteed)?

The Mass Effect universe. Among other reasons because I know it really well. 

10. The movie- or tv adaption of your life… which genre would that be? 

It would be a Thumping Good Detective-Ghost-Horror-Whodunnit-Time Travel-Romantic-Musical-Comedy-Epic!